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2015 Youth Grove Evening of Remembrance
To remember Santa Clarita Valley youth who lost their lives in auto-related incidents. 
To raise community awareness about the importance of responsible driving.

The 2015 Walk of Remembrance and Evening of Remembrance have been rescheduled to Wednesday, October 14. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
6:45 pm -Walk of Remembrance
7:15 pm - Ceremony
Central Park • 27150 Bouquet Canyon Road 


Youth Grove
Every year, young kids from our community are needlessly killed in traffic-related collisions.


  • Remember these youth (PDF Document 870KB)
  • Provide a safe and centralized location for young people and community members to mourn
  • Raise awareness about safe driving habits to prevent future traffic-related deaths.

The Santa Clarita Youth Grove is a grassroots effort supported by the City of Santa Clarita and the Blue Ribbon Task Force. It is dedicated to Santa Clarita youth (24 years old and younger) who have died in traffic-related incidents, and provides a safe, centralized location for young people and community members to remember these youth.

The Youth Grove is for the Santa Clarita community – particularly our youth – to use, and to reflect upon the unfortunate consequences of drinking and driving, and of reckless driving. The City and the Blue Ribbon Task Force hope that, through this graphic and powerful reminder, our citizens will vow to be more mindful and responsible when getting behind the wheel.


The Youth Grove is located in Central Park, 27150 Bouquet Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, and currently includes 91 names. To include a youth’s name, please complete and sign the release form. PDF Document

The City of Santa Clarita utilizes iPods to promote the Youth Grove’s message about safe driving. These iPods, with videos and brief stories about each of the 84 youth represented at the Youth Grove, are available for use at the site.

Award PicturesLeague of California Cities’ Helen Putnam Award for Excellence: Enhancing Public Trust, Ethics and Community Involvement.

  • League of California Cities’ Helen Putnam Award for Excellence: Enhancing Public Trust, Ethics and Community Involvement
  • California Park and Recreation Society’s Award of Excellence: Recreation and Community Services Awards - Neighborhood/Community Life

Resources and Links:

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S. Don’t become a statistic. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t talk on your cell phone and don’t text message while driving. Drive safe, sober, focused, and buckled up. The life you save could be your own or your loved one’s.

2009 TAC Television Ad (Warning: contains graphic content)
PSA Texting While Driving U.K. Ad (Warning: contains graphic content)
Get the Keys: How You Can Intervene
Hang Up and Drive

Policy: Fresh cut flowers (only) may be brought and left at the Youth Grove, and these are discarded every Thursday. Candles, artificial flowers, stuffed toys, photos, and other such items are NOT allowed at the site; these will be discarded immediately.

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