City of Santa Clarita Trails

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Trails MapThe City of Santa Clarita's Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department invites you to enjoy approximately 70 miles of picturesque trails and 20 miles of paseos designed for commuting and recreational use, including walking, riding, jogging, and skating.

The regional river trail serves as the backbone of the trail system. Together with connecting trails, residents can access parks, entertainment, shopping, and employment centers. Download Trail/Paseo Maps.

Trail Closure Information

Please note that City trails may be closed without notice due to inclement weather or other unsafe conditions.

Trailheads and Parking

Iron Horse Trailhead (map)
Enter off the north side of Magic Mountain Pkwy near Tourney Rd. Parking for cars and horse trailers, equestrian staging area, shade structure, information kiosk and drinking fountain on site.

Promenade Trailhead (map)
Enter off the west side McBean Pkwy. Shopping center parking lot has spaces designated for trail users.

Auto Center Trailhead (map)
Enter off the north side of Valencia Bl., at Auto Center Ct. Off street parking for vehicles and horse trailers. Benches, drinking fountain, and information kiosk on site.

South Fork Trail by Richard HammondSouth Fork Trailhead (map)
Enter off the south side of Magic Mountain Pkwy., between Valencia Bl. and San Fernando Rd., on the South Fork River west bank. Off street parking for vehicles and horse trailers. Picnic tables and drinking fountain on site.

Camp Plenty Road Trailhead (map)
Enter off the south side of Soledad Canyon Road, at the Camp Plenty Rd. Off street parking available. Drinking fountain on site.

Lost Canyon Road Trailhead (map)
Enter off the south side of Soledad Canyon Road, at Lost Canyon Rd., continue south under freeway underpass to trail entrance. Some street parking available. Benches, drinking fountain, water spigot, and hitching post on site.

Bike Lockers
For your convenience, bike lockers are available at the Via Princessa, Santa Clarita, and Jan Heidt Metrolink Stations. Call (661) 295-6300 to reserve a locker or for more information on bicycles and Metrolink.

Trail Classifications

CLASS I - Bike Path
Provides a completely separated right of way for the exclusive use of bicycles and pedestrians with cross-flow traffic minimized. The trails are marked and landscaped. Fencing encourages use of designated access points.

Example Bike LaneCLASS II - Bike Lane
Provides a striped lane for one-way bike travel on a street or highway. Bike lanes are marked with signs and pavement striping.

CLASS III - Bike Route
Provides for shared use with pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic. Bike routes are marked with signs.

Located primarily in rural areas, these trails are unpaved and are available for hiking, equestrian, and mountain bike use. For more information on trails in the City open space areas, visit

Bicycle Use and Safety

  • Wear an approved bicycle helmet every time you ride. If you're under age 18, it's the law.
  • When using trails after dark, wear reflective clothing, and use a light and reflectors.
  • Keep your bicycle in good condition. Check brakes, tires, and handle bars every time you ride.
  • Ride defensively, be alert, and watch for traffic and other trail users.
  • Make sure your bicycle is not too big or small. You should be able to straddle your bicycle comfortably, with both feet touching flat on the ground.
  • Ride single-file and only one person on a bicycle.
  • Ride on the right side of the trail, follow lane markings, and use hand signals for turning, slowing, or stopping.
Share the Trails and PaseosTrail Etiquette

When using bike paths and multi-use trails, please follow these guidelines:

  • Class I Trails open from sunrise to 10:00 p.m.
  • Use trash receptacles provided.
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited.
  • Observe posted trail use guidelines.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times.
  • Dog owners must clean up after their dogs.

To Report a Problem

Trail Maintenance: (661) 290-2224
Graffiti Hotline: (661) 252-5326
Sheriff: (661) 255-1121
Fire/Paramedics (Non Emergency): (661) 259-2111
City Hall: (661) 259-2489

Be a Trail Volunteer!

If you would like to volunteer in the upkeep of the trails system, contact the City's Volunteer Coordinator at 661-250-3726 or visit