Emergency Management

Emergency Management

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The City of Santa Clarita’s mission in an emergency situation is to save lives.

By protecting property and the environment in situations associated with natural disasters, manmade disasters, and national security emergencies, the City follows these emergency management objectives:

  • Manage and coordinate overall emergency response and recovery operations. 
  • Coordinate with appropriate federal, state and other local government agencies, as well as applicable segments of private sector entities and volunteer agencies. 
  • Establish priorities and resolve any conflicting demands for support. 
  • Prepare and disseminate emergency public information to inform, alert and warn the public.  
  • Disseminate damage information and other essential data. 
  • Plan for the continuation of government.
Be Ready.  Be Resilient.

 Get Ready to Shake Out.  October 19, 2017
Drop, Cover, and Hold On

Are you prepared? Make emergency preparedness your lifeskill.

  • Do you know where your utility shut-offs are located and how to shut them off?
  • Are you prepared to be without utility life-lines—water, gas and electric?
  • Do you have the absolute minimum of supply of water available at your residence?  One gallon per person is recommended for a minimum of three days.
  • Are alternate sources of light ready: flashlights, power failure lights, light sticks (no candles)?
  • Where will you meet family members if you are separate?
  • What route (and several alternates) will you use to evacuate your neighborhood?
  • Do you have transportation?
  • Who is your out-of-state “check-in” contact?
  • How will you escape your home? Workplace? School? Place of worship?
  • Did you practice your plan?

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  1. Get a Kit - Be aware of specific needs you may have if an emergency strikes like: medication, power needs, eye glasses, devices that you may count on, pet needs, etc.
  2. Make a Plan - Understand actions you can take to be prepared for emergency
  3. Stay Informed – Sign up to receive alerts; know where to go for information – City website, local & regional radio; Receive Emergency Updates: Subscribe to receive emergency notifications via email or text message by filling out an online form or by texting SCEMERGENCY to 888777.