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In recognition of the City’s 25 th birthday, take a few minutes and see how well you know your City.

1. The Mayor for 2012 is:

a. Frank Ferry

b. Laurie Ender

c. Jerry Brown

d. Mike Antonovich

2. The City has five elected councilmembers that serve overlapping terms of:

a. two years

b. four years

c. six years

d. none of the above

3. Santa Clarita’s official birthday is:

a. January 1, 1990

b. July 4, 1876

c. December 15, 1987

d. June 5, 1987

4. The City of Santa Clarita was formed because:

a. We couldn’t hold a Cowboy Festival without a city government

b. Newhall Land liked the idea

c. Residents desired local control of their destiny and their tax dollars

d. People wanted their own bus service

5. The City of Santa Clarita is comprised of four communities:

a. Newhall, Saugus, Castaic and Val Verde

b. Canyon Country, Sand Canyon, Placerita Canyon and Valencia

c. Newhall, Saugus, Valencia and Canyon Country

d. Valencia, Canyon Country, Stevenson Ranch and Newhall

6. The City of Santa Clarita’s first ordinance protected:

a. water wells

b. oak trees

c. open space

d. Stickleback fish

7. The City’s first Mayor was:

a. Cameron Smyth

b. Bob Kellar

c. Jo Anne Darcy

d. Howard P. McKeon

8. The City and its partners recently completed a new 8.5 mile road that connects I-5 with SR 14 through the City. What is that roadway called?

a. The Cross Town Roadway

b. The Golden State/Antelope Highway

c. The Buck McKeon Freeway

d. The Cross Valley Connector

9. What is the name of the largest City park?

a. Canyon Country Park

b. Valencia Meadows Park

c. Central Park

d. Newhall Park

10. What is the name of the City’s dog park located at the Sports Complex?

a. Canine Country

b. Doggie Play Park

c. The Woof

d. Fido’s Fiefdom

11. In nearly every survey the City has conducted, what is the number one thing residents say they like best about living in the City of Santa Clarita?

a. The easy proximity to the freeways

b. The weather

c. The shopping and restaurants

d. The amazing people who live here

12. What is the name of the City’s quarterly magazine?

a. City News

b. Seasons

c. State of the City

d. Focus

Scroll down for the answers…..

1. b 7. d
2. b 8. d
3. c 9. c
4. c 10. a
5. c 11. d
6. b 12. b
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