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Community Beautification

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Community Reforestation Plan

Goals for 2015-2016:

  • Installation of 250 new trees along various major roadways and removal
  • Replacement of 75 trees damaging sidewalks and/or which have reached the end of their usual life

Contact: City Clerk Kevin Tonoian| (661) 286-4027 | E-mail Kevin Tonoian

Graffiti Removal Program

graffitiThe Graffiti Removal Program is head up by the Graffiti Task Force, a collaborative action group that meets quarterly to discuss and develop solutions to graffiti-related issues. The GTF takes a three-prong approach to graffiti abatement: quick eradication, arrest of graffiti vandals, and community education and outreach.

Year 2: Goals for 2016-2017

  • Conduct five outreach presentations per year to deter graffiti vandalism
  • Conduct five surveillance operations per year in graffiti hotspots
  • Remove 99 percent of graffiti from City right-of-way within 24 hours

Year 1: Goals for 2015-2016

  • CheckBox-2020Track and monitor through Resident Service Center requests the graffiti removed from City right of way within 24 hours when reported on a business day
  • CheckBox-2020Track and monitor time of opening and closing the requests to obtain removal compliance from private property owners within seven calendar days
  • CheckBox-2020Conduct five outreach presentations per year to deter graffiti vandalism
  • Conduct five surveillance operations per year in graffiti hotspots

 Progress Updates:

  • The City's right-of-way is at 24 hours and outreach, surveillance and beautification efforts have begun.

Visit the Graffiti Task Force Website

Median Beautification Program

medianThe City is completing the corridor and median beautification program including the construction of the remaining median landscaped improvements, the removal of turf, the upgrading of antiquated irrigation systems and the installation of water efficient plants.

Year 1: Goals for 2015-2016

  • CheckBox-2020Complete conceptual design and cost estimate to eliminate turf from medians on major thoroughfares in the city
  • CheckBox-2020Produce alternative landscape designs for the significant turf area along Orchard Village Road
  • CheckBox-2020Bid, award, and complete construction to remove all turf along the Valencia Boulevard median, from Rockwell to Magic Mountain

Overall Program Contact: Assistant City Engineer Damon Letz | (661) 255-4982 | E-mail Damon Letz

Valencia Boulevard Median Refurbishment Project:
A total of 12 medians on Valencia Boulevard between Tourney Road and Magic Mountain Parkway will be refurbished with drought-tolerant plants and more efficient irrigation systems between June - November 2016.
Project Manager:  James Tong | (661) 255-4366 |

Orchard Village Medians Refurbishment:
The Orchard Village Road medians between Lyons Avenue and Dalbey Road are currently in design. The medians present a unique challenge to the City due to their unusual size and use during the Annual Fourth of July Parade.
Project Manager: Darin Seegmiller | (661) 290-2202 |

Open Space

spaceIn July 2007, City property owners voted in favor of creating the Open Space Preservation District, designed to expand the City’s existing Open Space, Park and Parkland Program to preserve natural land from development, create more parks for community usage, and protect rare biological and geological regions. The City is continuing to identify and acquire additional open space to complete the 3-mile greenbelt buffer surrounding the City. There is a total of 8,745.4 acres of open space in Santa Clarita.

Year 2: Goals for 2016-2017

  • CheckBox-2020Complete the acquisition of 80 acres in Tapia Canyon
  • Complete acquisition of 93 acres in Placerita Canyon and close escrow

Year 1: Goals for 2015-2016

  • Take action to acquire more open space property in the Northern region of the City

Progress Updates:

  • Completed the acquisition of the 60 acre Pryor property in Quigley Canyon.
  • Obtained direction from bankruptcy court to complete acquisition of 93 acres of Placerita Canyon,

The City added 302 acres of open space with the acquisition of Gateway Ranch in 2014

Visit the HikeSantaClarita Website

Underground Overhead Utilities

undergroundIn an effort to maintain community beautification, the City is exploring locations and evaluating funding options to support a strategy to underground overhead utilities.

Year 2: Goals for 2016-2017

  • CheckBox-2020Award a design contract
  • Coordinate with Edison on the design of the utility undergrounding on the Soledad Canyon Road segment

Year 1: Goals for 2015-2016

  • CheckBox-2020Identify a location and prepare plans to underground the overhead utilities for that area
  • CheckBox-2020Obtain funding for the design project
  • CheckBox-2020Award a design contract
  • CheckBox-2020Prepare plans and specifications

Progress Updates:

  • A Management Team Analyst Team was formed and prioritized a list of 21 segments (20 roads and one alley) that would benefit from undergrounding.
  • The design contract was approved by City Council on January 12, 2016.

Contact: Senior Engineer Harry Corder|(661) 286-4025 | E-mail Harry Corder