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Join the City of Santa Clarita in the Fight to Recycle Right!

Post Date:12/04/2019

Join the City of Santa Clarita in the Fight to Recycle Right!
By Councilmember Bob Kellar


            As industry practices and laws are changing as to how waste is handled in communities across California, Santa Clarita has been doing their part to reduce our footprint in the picturesque valley we call home. Working closely with contracted waste haulers: Burrtec Waste Industries and Waste Management, the City of Santa Clarita encourages businesses, residents and multifamily complexes to continue recycling the right things the right way.

Green Santa Clarita is the central hub for all things environmentally friendly in our wonderful City. The numerous events and recycling initiatives in our community continue to create the foundation of a green city, and we rely on the participation of our residents and local business to build upon that foundation while keeping non-recyclable items out of recycling bins.

Most residents and businesses regularly recycle common items, including aluminum and steel cans, paper, cardboard and plastic or glass bottles, tubs and jugs. However, there are a number of other items including plastic straws, used paper towels or greasy pizza boxes that can confuse whether an item is recyclable or not. Residents may try recycling these items hoping waste haulers will find a way to recycle them; however “wishful recycling” or “wishcycling” creates extra work, adds to recycling program costs and decreases the quality of Santa Clarita’s recycling stream.

The purpose of recycling is to create new materials out of discarded items. Basic groups of waste include paper, cardboard, iron and non-iron based metals, glass and numerous types of plastic. The materials are then sorted using a combination of machines and hardworking employees at the Materials Recovery Facility – also known as the MRF. Santa Clarita’s waste haulers transfer those recyclable materials to packaging manufacturers and paper mills, instead of resorting to landfilling, stockpiling or incineration – alternatives that negatively impact the environment.

Items including broken furniture, dirty diapers and garden hoses have an adverse effect on the recycling process, as additional labor and transportation costs are required to place these items back on trucks for proper disposal. Residents and businesses can avoid confusion by taking a ‘When in doubt, leave it out’ approach to their everyday recycling. is the one-stop destination for everything green in Santa Clarita. The website provides easy recycling tips and information about local sustainability programs and events. Please visit Burrtec ( and Waste Management ( for additional information, including newsletters regarding what belongs in your cart or bin. Both waste haulers also offer FREE technical assistance with starting or improving recycling programs that are easy to set up.

Residents and businesses can also make a difference by placing dedicated, labeled containers throughout your home or office so you can recycle without even thinking about it!

We, as a community have a responsibility to preserve our resources. Whether you have a green thumb or are just starting out– there’s never been a better time to start. Heroes in our City don’t just fight crime they also protect our environment– and I encourage you to tap into your inner strength in the City’s fight to recycle right!  

Visit to learn about the City of Santa Clarita’s efforts to help residents and businesses go green, or call the City’s Environmental Services Division at (661)286-4098.


Bob Kellar is a member of the Santa Clarita City Council and can be reached at

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