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Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season

Post Date:12/15/2019

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season

City Manager Ken Striplin

The winter season is a special time in Santa Clarita, and this year more than ever, residents are cherishing their time with loved ones. There are celebrations with friends and coworkers, while children and family return home for the holidays, filling houses with a joyful, festive spirit.

This time of year is made so that we can spend time with our families, relax and recharge for the New Year ahead. However, it is still important that we keep ourselves and our homes safe and secure.

Over the last year, the community has done an excellent job of staying vigilant and taking steps to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a crime. In addition, under the leadership of Captain Robert Lewis, the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station has seen a 21.4% decrease in Part I crimes through September, which includes robbery and assault.

The City is grateful to the Sheriff’s Department and residents for doing their part to ensure criminals are not able to add your items to their Stolen Collection. By exercising caution and strengthening good habits, your family can continue to help prevent crime.

During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be easy to forget your home security routine. Remember to lock doors and windows at night and before you leave the house, so intruders are unable to access your valuables.

At night, your home’s exterior lights or motion sensors that are part of a security system can be the best deterrent. Additionally, don’t forget to lock your car at night and park in your garage if there is room. Criminals are more likely to approach homes and vehicles when they think they will have a quick getaway.

When you are away from home – perhaps having a family meal at a restaurant or doing some holiday shopping– park in a well-lit area, hide any valuables in your car out of plain sight and double-check that windows are rolled up and doors are locked.

Home safety and security during the holidays also means inspecting home systems and fixing any issues that are found. This includes cleaning fireplaces and chimneys and having a professional look at your HVAC system before first use to reduce the risk of a home fire.

For those who enjoy decorating their homes for the holiday season, extra attention to a few key components can also go a long way. Ensure that any extension cords you use outside are rated for outdoor use. Inside the home, be careful to never overload electrical outlets because doing so could knock out your power or spark a fire.

Assistant Fire Chief Anderson Mackey and the Los Angeles County Fire Department have developed useful tips for residents regarding holiday and décor safety. These tips can be viewed by visiting

The City of Santa Clarita encourages residents to take proactive steps to stay safe this winter. I wish you and your family a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Ken Striplin is the Santa Clarita City Manager and can be reached at

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