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Kindness, Positivity and the Santa Clarita Spirit

Post Date:04/01/2020

Kindness, Positivity and the Santa Clarita Spirit

These last few weeks have been full of uncertainty, as businesses and schools have closed their doors while the State of California has directed residents to Stay at Home and maintain social distancing to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. While we have all had to make a difficult transition to a “new normal” for the foreseeable future, there is one thing that will not change: the Santa Clarita spirit.

It is important for all of us to remember that we are not alone in this challenging time. Although it is necessary to keep our distance to not catch the virus or spread it to those who are most vulnerable, we should still remain connected to our loved ones, friends and neighbors to show our kindness and support for one another.

I have been heartened to hear and see our residents in Santa Clarita are doing just that. Individuals and businesses alike have gone out into the community to display positivity and lift spirits to help those around them cope with stress and remain connected.

Parents at Valencia Valley Elementary School organized a parade dubbed the “Quarantine Cruisers Caravan,” which consisted of some families decorating their vehicles and driving through the neighborhoods of students so they could see familiar faces and know that their school family misses them too. This was a wonderful way to show the kids that their friends and their families are united while their daily routine has been disrupted. I want to thank Kelly Berry, president of the Valencia Valley PTA, and all those involved in organizing the Quarantine Cruisers Caravan.

Many of you have seen signs of positivity around Santa Clarita and have commented about them on social media. These signs, with messages such as “Don’t Lose Faith in Humanity,” “We Stand Together” and “Thank You Healthcare Workers” were produced and hung around town by Creative Graphic Services (CGS), a Santa Clarita-based graphics and printing business. I know I speak for us all when we say we are grateful to CGS for making these signs that brighten our day and help us put things in perspective.

I have also seen acts of kindness on Nextdoor as people are spending their time at home to not only bring cheer but also help those in need. In one neighborhood, children wrote messages of support with chalk on streets and created a scavenger hunt, asking their neighbors to count the number of chalk hearts in the community when they go out for walks.

Others are offering their services to homebound and elderly neighbors, either by performing yard work or grabbing necessities and food at the store. Whether you have experienced these acts of kindness in person or have seen them on social media or through local news reports, it certainly makes you proud to be a part of this wonderful community we call home.

We must also not forget about our healthcare workers, restaurant staff, grocery store clerks and all those working in essential businesses that remain open so that we may get the supplies and services we need for our families. They are risking exposure to the coronavirus each day they go to work and they deserve our unending thanks and support. If you are able to tip them a little extra, I encourage you to please do so.

As time goes by, we will slowly see life return to normal. In the meantime, let’s all be a light of kindness and positivity for our families, friends and neighbors so we can get through each day together.

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