2011 Notices of Completion

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The City of Santa Clarita completes many capital improvement projects each year. These projects include the construction, maintenance, or rehabilitation of facilities, parks, roads, bridges and other infrastructure to enhance the City.

The City of Santa Clarita accepts a project as being complete and files a Notice of Completion with the county recorder. The Notice of Completion notifies everyone who worked on a project that the project is complete.

The notice includes the date the project was completed, a description of the project site or address, and name of the contractor.

To inform the community of recently completed projects, Notice of Completions will be posted on the City’s website.

NOC 4008 - Traffic Signal Installation at Golden Valley & Newhall Ranch Rd

NOC B1010 - Creekside Road Improvements

S2005 - Old Town Nehall Streetscape Phase ll

B1008 - Valencia Industrial Center Median Improvements

B0004 B2011 B2012 - Railroad Avenue Fence and Landscape Project

NOC 4008 - Traffic Signal Installation at Golden Valley & Newhall Ranch Rd

NOC C4010 - Traffic Circulation & Safety Improvements on Bouquet Cyn Rd & Newhall Ranch Rd.pdf

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