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2012 Notices of Completion

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The City of Santa Clarita completes many capital improvement projects each year. These projects include the construction, maintenance, or rehabilitation of facilities, parks, roads, bridges and other infrastructure to enhance the City.

The City of Santa Clarita accepts a project as being complete and files a Notice of Completion with the county recorder. The Notice of Completion notifies everyone who worked on a project that the project is complete.

The notice includes the date the project was completed, a description of the project site or address, and name of the contractor.

To inform the community of recently completed projects, Notice of Completions will be posted on the City’s website.

B2010 - Lyons Ave Interstate 5 Beautification

B4006 - Soledad Cyn Rd Median Landscape

B4007 - Bouquet Canyon Road Median Improvements 

C0026 - Lyons Ave Median Modification 

C0041 & C0042 - 2011-12 Median Modification Program

F2008 - Demolition of Buildings OTN 

F3018 - Canyon Country Community Center

M0077 - 2010-11 Overlay and Slurry Seal 

M0081 - Alta Madera Ped Bridge Replacement 

M0082 - 2010-11 Bridge Maintenance Program

M0083 - Federal Overlay Program

M0085, M0086, T0034 - 2011-12 Annual Concrete Rehab

P2008 - Newhall Community Center Shade

P3018 - SCSC Multi Purpose Field Lights

R0005 - Outdoor Lighting Retrofit

T0032 - Santa Clarita Transit Bus Stops

T1013 - Class II Bikeway Improvements

T2003 - Newhall Avenue Pedestrian Improvements

T2005 - Newhall Metrolink Parking Expansion


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