Purchasing & Mail Services Staff

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To help personalize our service, each City department is assigned its own buyer. Buyer assignments are listed below in addition to staff’s individual responsibilities so that you can find out who best to contact with inquiries.  

Joseph Oerum, Clerk & Contract Services Manager
Under the Administrative Services Director, Joe supervises the City Clerk’s Office, Purchasing, Risk Management, and Mail Services staff.  He directs citywide procurement and provides recommendations for improvement of purchasing procedures.  Among these responsibilities, Joe also directs equipment purchases, claims administration, solicitation processes, the Cal Card program, and vendor set up and maintenance.
(661) 286-4184 joerum@santa-clarita.com 

Andrew Adams, Purchasing and Risk Administrator
Andrew oversees the operations, functions, and services of Purchasing and Risk Management. He approves all contractual agreements for the City and city-wide purchase orders, manages the City’s credit card program, as well as recommends improvements and efficiencies for Purchasing and Risk Management. In addition to his Purchasing duties, Andrew also supervises the Employee Safety Program, claims administration process, and assists in managing the City’s insurance program.
(661) 286-4188 aadams@santa-clarita.com

Danielle Marquez, Clerk
Provides support for the Clerk & Contract Services Division.  Assists with vendor set up and maintenance, vendor inquiries, and records retention.
(661) 255-4936 dmarquez@santa-clarita.com

 Heather Andrews, Buyer
Coordinates purchasing services for Public Works, Community Development, and Recreation & Community Services.  Heather also assists with vendor set up and maintenance.
(661) 255-4399 handrews@santa-clarita.com 

Melody Bartlette, Buyer
Coordinates purchasing services for the City Manager’s Office, Administrative Services, and Neighborhood Services. Melody oversees the citywide As-Needed programs and assists with vendor set up and maintenance.
(661) 255-4918 mbartlette@santa-clarita.com

Christine Saunders, Project Technician
Schedules the bidding calendar, assists with questions regarding vendor registration and bid details, helps with contract management, and coordinates Purchasing’s file retention. Christine also manages the City’s Cal Card program, managed print services contract, vending contracts (including Coca-Cola and food vending machines), coffee services, and office supplies. 
(661) 286-4183 csaunders@santa-clarita.com

David Collier, Materials Clerk
Responsible for all shipping, receiving, and warehouse functions. Supervises the Mail Services staff and handles storage and issues of department materials from warehouse.  David is in charge of all incoming and outgoing U.S. Mail, interoffice deliveries, bulk mail projects, and City surplus auctions. 
(661) 294-2559 dcollier@santa-clarita.com

Chris Padula, Mail Clerk
Handles interoffice mail and package deliveries.
(661) 294-2534 cpadula@santa-clarita.com

Dan Hamrick, Mail Clerk
Handles interoffice mail and package deliveries.
(661) 294-2529 dhamrick@santa-clarita.com

Marc Tyler, Mail Clerk
Handles interoffice mail and package deliveries.
(661) 294-2537 mtyler@santa-clarita.com