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Graffiti Tracking and Prevention Database


Helen Putnam Award


Santa Clarita's Graffiti Tracking System is a centralized, web-based application that allows multiple agencies to manage graffiti removal requests, open cases and reporting all through the Internet. The Graffiti Tracking System allows any user that has access to the Internet with the ability to open a case that captures pertinent information including:

  • The dates and time that the incident is reported
  • A description and the location of the vandalism
  • Contact information of the individual staff member reporting the incident

This system is also integrated into Santa Clarita's Resident Service Center, a feature on our website that allows residents to electronically inquire on any number of issues such as new residential or commercial construction, or report concerns regarding potholes, street light outages or graffiti in their neighborhood. The Graffiti System has been developed in a manner that seamlessly takes on-line requests for graffiti clean and populates them into the tracking database, eliminating the need for any additional manual data entry among staff.

Once a case is logged into the system field staff is able to capture and log specific information regarding the actual removal of the graffiti vandalism. Data captured includes:

  • Specific street name and address
  • Type of surface defaced
  • Removal method used
  • Time on site and actual time to remove graffiti
  • Tagger ID & miscellaneous notes

What's more Santa Clarita's Graffiti Tracking System allows users to upload digital photographs of the incident, enabling staff to capture before and after pictures of the location. With the use of GPS enabled digital cameras the exact location of the graffiti is stored into the database. This application integrates with our GIS system in a manner that through automation allows for the production of real time mapping to track graffiti incidents throughout the City.

Finally, this system provides users with robust reporting tools that allow staff to track graffiti incidents in a number of ways such as by:

  • Open v. Closed Cases
  • Calls by City Area
  • Incidents by Month
  • Removals by Month
  • Most frequent Tagger ID
  • Cost associated with removal

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