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Consistent with the City’s philosophy of encouraging continual professional development, we offer a variety of programs aimed at investing in and developing our employees. The goals of the City’s training and development program are to provide employees with development opportunities, create and retain a talented workforce, develop future leaders, and help employees succeed. These programs include:
  • General Training Courses
  • Professional Support Series
  • Supervisor Series
  • Leadership Academy 
  • Mentoring Program
  • Job Shadowing Program

Employee Testimonials


Working for the City of Santa Clarita is like an extension of home. Co-workers become your family and close friends with the same goal--to improve the quality of life for every person who lives and works in the valley. The City is a great organization with a non-bureaucratic work environment where everyone works as a team to "get the job done.” I could not imagine working anywhere else.
- Aruna Patel, General Accounting Specialist

One of the things I like best about working for Santa Clarita is that every day I get to work with intelligent, dedicated, and highly motivated people. Together, we make great things happen for the people who live, work, and visit Santa Clarita. The commitment to excellence applies to every thing we do.
- Sarona Vivanco, Senior Management Analyst

One of the main things that attracted me to the City of Santa Clarita is what a progressive city it is. Santa Clarita also offers many advancement opportunities due to the wide range of departments and innovative programs that it offers to the community.
- Terry Boyle, Building Inspector

While in school, a fellow student shared with me his experiences working for the City of Santa Clarita. He spoke of good management, vision for long term planning and a nice working environment. It really did sound like a great place to work. When I was making a career move, the City of Santa Clarita was the first place I looked.
- Janine Prado, Community Services Administrator

I attribute much of my career success with the City of Santa Clarita to the many great opportunities that are offered here. The Mentoring Program, Job Shadowing Program, countless team-building events, a variety of trainings, as well as numerous interim opportunities, have all played an integral role in my career advancement. The City’s leaders also promote creativity, encourage independence and teamwork, value opinions, and are continuously supportive. When you are in a healthy working environment and are surrounded by great people, it is very motivating to keep striving for more and to be the best that I can be.
- Terasa Sullivan, Project Technician


My internship with the City helped me gain exposure to various career options. I was able to interact with employees from different departments in the City and soon realized the City of Santa Clarita was an organization I would like to continue my career. Through my internship, I was able to observe the various departments and positions in the organization and determine where my skills and abilities would best fit in.
- Darin Seegmiller, Project Development Coordinator

My internship with Santa Clarita represents the foundation of my career in local government. As a 22-year old junior in college, interning with the City was my first up-close experience in a local government environment. My internship and the individuals I was so fortunate to meet had a significant influence on my long-term professional goals, and were (in many instances are still) responsible for the career path and professional success that I have enjoyed for the last 20 years.
- Kevin Tonoian, Administrative Services & Technology Services Manager

I began in the City Manager’s Office. The experiences and projects completely re-shaped my opinion and passion for public service. I studied politics on an academic level but the internship with the City made local government come alive. I worked with some of the brightest individuals and it was motivating to see how much they cared and loved their community.
- Brendie Heter, Administrative Analyst, Environmental Services

My most rewarding experience as an intern with the City was seeing my ideas and projects come to life. Unlike other organizations, my professional skills, even as an intern, were highly regarded so I was given many opportunities to independently develop important programs or projects that still exist to this day. I was able to take a concept and see my idea transform from the beginning planning stages all the way to the final implementation stages.
- Heather Leuning, Administrative Analyst, Communications

My most rewarding experience with the City is the confidence I gained in myself. Working in an environment where interns are given real experiences really allows young professionals to blossom. Even today I appreciate the opportunities provided during my internship, which gave me the confidence and maturity to step into more senior level positions throughout my career.
- Jessica Jackson, Communications Specialist