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Environmental Impact Reports Completed

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Dockweiler Drive/Lyons Avenue Extension

 Sand Canyon Plaza Mixed Use Project

Via Princessa East Extension Project

Gate King

Gate King Additional Analysis FEIR
Cover page 2.6 Friends 2-GATE Letter 3.0 Topical Responses
Title Page 2.7 Sierra Club - GATE Letter 3.1 TR1 41K Transfer
Table of Contents 2.8 PCLNO.2 - GATE Letter 3.2 TR2 Litigation
1.0 Introduction 2.9 PCL-GATE Letter 3.3 TR3 Climate Change
2.0 Comment Letters Received 2.10 CalPlanning Network-GATE Letter 4.0 Responses
2.1 SCAG-GATE Letter 2.11 Oaks-GATE Letter 5.0 Public Hearing Comments
2.2 LWMB-GATE Letter 2.12 SC Oaks - GATE Letter 6.0 Revised Pages
2.3 SCCRRA-GATE Letter 2.13 SCOPE - GATE Letter 7.0 Appendices Divider
2.4 CLWA GATE Letter 2.14 SCOPE 2 - GATE Letter
2.5 Friends-GATE Letter 2.15 SCW-Gates King Additional Letter

Golden Valley Road Bridge Environmental Assessment


Keystone FEIR
Keystone DEIR

One Valley One Vision General Plan

Final Program EIR:
Table of Contents 3.0 Comment Letters and Responses Appendix A - Air Quality Documentation
1.0 Introduction 4.0 Revised Draft EIR Pages Appendix B - Development of Flow Criteria
2.0 Revised Project Description Mitigation Monitoring Program Appendix C - Memorandum Attachments


Draft EIR:
Table of Contents (Volume I) 3.9 Geology, Soils, Seismicity 6.0 Alternatives
Executive Summary 3.10 Mineral Resources 7.0 Unavoidable Significant Impacts
1.0 Introduction 3.11 Human Made Hazards 8.0 Significant Irreversible Environmental Changes
2.0 Project Description 3.12 Hydrology and Water Quality 9.0 Growth-Inducing Impacts
3.0 Environmental Impact Analysis 3.13 Water Service 10.0 List of Preparers
3.1 Land Use 3.14 Community Services 11.0 References
3.2 Transportation and Circulation 3.15 Public Services Table of Contents (Volume II)
3.3 Air Quality 3.16 Parks and Recreation Table of Contents (Volume III)
3.4 Global Warming and Climate Change 3.17 Utilities and Infrastructure Table of Contents (Volume IV)
3.5 Agricultural Resources 3.18 Noise Table of Contents (Volume V)
3.6 Aesthetics 3.19 Population and Housing Appendices
3.7 Biological Resources 4.0 Cumulative Impacts
3.8 Cultural Resources 5.0 Effects Found Not To Be Significant


Riverpark EIR:

Soledad Village DEIR

Vista Canyon

The Master's College Master Plan

Revised Henry Mayo Master Plan

Henry Mayo's Final EIR November 2008
1. Cover and TOC 2. Mitigation Monitoring Program
3. Comments and Responses Part A
4. Comments and Responses Part B
5. Comments and Responses Part C
6. Comments and Responses Part D
7. Comments and Responses Part E
8. Comments and Responses Part F


Revised Draft EIR September 2008
1. A Cover and TOC 2. Executive Summary 3. Introduction and Purpose
4. Project Description
5. Cumulative
6. Environmental Analysis
7. Land Use
8. Population and Employment
9. Aesthetics
10. Traffic
11. Parking
12. Air Quality
13. Noise
14. Geology, Soils and Seismicity
15. Hazards
16. Hydrology-Water Quality
17. Fire
18. Sheriff
19. Schools
20. Solid Waste
21. Electricity
22. Natural Gas
23. Water Supply
24. Wastewater
25. Alternatives
26. Long-term Implications
27. Unavoidable
28. Effects not Significant
29. Persons Consulted


Revised Draft EIR September 2008 - Technical Appendices
Appendix 0_Cover-Table of Contents Appendix A_Initial Study NOP
Appendix B_NOP Comments
Appendix C_Cumulative Growth Calculations
Appendix D_Water Supply Assessment
Appendix E_Traffic Impact Analysis
Appendix F1_Air Quality Impact Analysis
Appendix F2_Greenhouse Emissions Technical Memo
Appendix F3_OPR CEQA and Climate Chagne Technical Advisory
Appendix G_Noise Impact Analysis
Appendix H_Geology and Soils Analysis
Appendix I_HMNMH Central Plant Materials Storage List
Appendix J_Helipad Noise Analysis
Appendix K_Parking Study Report
Appendix L_Hydrology Study
Appendix M_Sewer Study


Additional Appendices
Appendix D-Appendix a-WSA
Appendix D-Appendix b-2005 UWMP
Appendix D-Appendix c-Basin Yield
Appendix D-Appendix d-Groundwater Management Plan
Appendix D-Appendix e-Riv Lit Finding
Appendix D-Appendix f-West Creek Decision
Appendix D-Appendix g-Water Supply Contract
Appendix D-Appendix h-Water Management Program
Appendix D-Appendix i-Point of Delivery Agreement
Appendix D-Appendix j-Groundwater Bulletin 118
Appendix D-Appendix k-CLWA Capital Improvement
Appendix D-Appendix l-Well Comparison2
Appendix D-Appendix m-Effect of Urbanization
Appendix D-Appendix n-Regional Groundwater Flow
Appendix D-Appendix o-Perchlorate Containment
Appendix D-Appendix p-Near Term Groundwater Capture
Appendix D-Appendix q-CLWA Supplemental Water Transfer EIR
Appendix D-Appendix r-Recycled Water Master Plan
Appendix D-Appendix s-Perchlorate Impact and Response
Appendix D-Appendix t-Remedial Action Plan
Appendix D-Appendix u-Groundwater Recharge
Appendix D-Appendix v-Perchlorate Tech Memo Wells E14-E17
Appendix D-Appendix w-CLWA Reso re Recycled Water
Appendix D-Appendix x-2006 SCV Water Report
Appendix D-Appendix x-WSz CPUC Decision 10-16-03
Appendix D-Appendix y-CPUC Decision 11-29-01
Appendix D-Appendix za-CPUC Decision 8-24-06
Appendix D-Appendix zb-2003 Point of Delivery Agreement
Appendix D-Appendix zc-Draft
Appendix K-Parking Study Report Appendices


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