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Streetlight Maintenance Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is the City terminating assessment ballot proceedings?

  • The City has received considerable feedback from residents indicating that additional outreach, discussion and input is necessary to understand the proposed assessment ballot proceedings.
  • In consideration of this feedback, the City Council took action at their January 8, 2019 meeting to terminate the proceedings and to cancel the January 22, 2019 Public Hearing.  

Will there still be a Public Hearing on January 22, 2019?

  • No.  The action approved by the City Council at their January 8, 2019 meeting results in the cancellation of the Public Hearing.

Will the City consider modifying the streetlight assessments in the future?

  • Over the next year, the City will undertake a community outreach and public input process to engage property owners affected by any potential modification to the street lighting assessment. Based on that process and the input we receive, we will determine how proceed in the future.

How does this action affect the amount of my assessment for street lighting and landscaping services?

  • The current maximum annual assessment rates for street lighting and landscape services among all property owners who received ballots will remain unchanged.  

Will this decision affect the overall level of streetlight service for the community?

  • No.  Streetlight services will not be affected by this decision.  

Will this action affect the City’s decision to purchase the streetlight system from Southern California Edison or the planned installation of LED fixtures?

  • No.  The City will acquire the streetlight system from Edison in phases beginning in early 2019.  As the City assumes ownership of the streetlight poles from Edison, we will convert them to energy efficient LED fixtures.  The City anticipates acquiring and converting approximately 16,500 streetlights to LED fixtures before the end of 2019. 

Will this action affect the future service level for streetlight maintenance?

  • No.  Upon purchasing the streetlight system, the City will assume maintenance responsibilities, and will respond to service requests and/or damage to poles in a timely manner.