Streetlight Maintenance District

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 Use the City's Resident Service Center for non-emergency requests

Sidewalk Purpose
The Streetlight Maintenance District enables the City to collect annual assessments on the County’s general property tax bill from the homeowners within the District. The assessments are used for the maintenance, repair, and monitoring of the street lights.

New developments are required to annex into the Streetlight Maintenance District, as well as all new territories annexing into the City.

Who Performs the Repairs
The City contracts with Southern California Edison (SCE) for maintenance and repairs of street lights on public streets and main arterials within the City.

The City contracts with the County of Los Angeles Public Works for maintenance and repairs to intersection street lights, which are commonly known as Highway Safety Lights (HSL’s) and bridge lighting (lights on or under bridges).

Reporting/Requesting Repairs
When the City receives notice to repair a streetlight, and the light is located within the City limits on a public road and is not an HSL or bridge light, the light is reported to Southern California Edison (SCE). Residents may contact SCE directly by using the links below, or by calling the automated system at (800) 611-1911.

SCE Website

SCE Mobile App

Street Light The benefit of calling and speaking to an operator or using the above links is that you are given an order number, which is beneficial for tracking purposes. SCE attempts to respond within 3-5 days.

When requesting streetlight repairs, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Exact location - it is recommended that two addresses be given, e.g., the light is between first address and second address.
  • Cross street - provide one of the closest cross streets.
  • The problem - the light is always off, the light cycles on and off, etc.
  • Your contact information - this is helpful if SCE has questions or wants to provide you with status information, in the event of a delay.
  • Pole tag number - each pole should have a metal plate with a number imprinted on it. The tag is located facing the street, at or just above eye level. This pole tag number is very helpful, but not required when reporting the light.
    If at all possible, place a strip of black tape around the pole at eye level. This is extremely helpful to the Edison crew for identification purposes.
  • Area, it is helpful to provide the location i.e., Canyon Country, Saugus, Newhall, or Valencia.
  • Lights located outside of the City limits, or on private roads (developments in gated communities) are not included in the Streetlight Maintenance District.

SMD Reports

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What if my streetlight is out?
Contact Southern California Edison at 1-800-611-1911 (or report it on their website) or use the City's Resident Service Center. Please include the address of the closest property and pole number if available.

Who do I call regarding traffic signal timing or outages?
Please call the City's Traffic Engineering Division at (661) 255-4942 or use the City's online Resident Service Center.

Who do I call regarding a bus shelter light being out?
Please call Corie Hill at (661) 295-6306.