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Neighborhood Leaf Out Program

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plant treesThe Neighborhood Leaf Out (NLO) program seeks to promote the overall greening of Santa Clarita through educational programs, tree plantings, and proper maintenance of trees. The City's urban forest numbers over 35,000 trees located in parks and the right of way. Each year, new trees are added to the urban forest as a result of the NLO program. In addition, NLO staff provides citizens with information so that our urban forest remains healthy and vibrant.

Each year, Neighborhood Leaf Out undertakes an extensive outreach effort by providing educational opportunities to all citizens. Staff has served as guest lecturers to classes of all grade levels, led off campus labs, sponsored tree maintenance seminars, distributed literature, and trained people in the art of tree maintenance and care. NLO staff has assisted many schools, individuals, service clubs, and businesses with planting trees Citywide. NLO also has a strong presence at the annual Arbor Day celebration, and distributes free trees to anyone who will plant one.


Neighborhood Leaf Out is assisted by an array of volunteers who contribute their time and effort to beautify our community. Every volunteer that has assisted with a tree planting has helped to clean the air in Santa Clarita, as trees clean the air by catching pollutants on their leaves, filtering out carbon, and releasing oxygen. These volunteers also have a hand in enhancing the beauty of the City. Trees soften the hard edges of buildings, add depth and dimension to the landscape, and contribute colors and textures to neighborhoods. It is difficult to imagine how much less beautiful Santa Clarita would be without its trees.

If you are interested in participating in one of NLO's volunteer tree planting efforts, or would like some more information on tree care and maintenance, please call the Neighborhood Leaf Out Coordinator at (661) 290-2222.