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Building & Safety: Training and Informational Videos

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This presentation covers the building permit process for residential construction projects. Homeowners, designers, and contractors will all benefit from the information provided here.

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This short presentation is highly recommended for businesses navigating the building permit process. You'll gain a better understanding of the overall permit process, receive valuable tips for how to avoid common mistakes, and see where the city can provide input and assistance along the way.

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Are you planning to locate your business in a new space, or make improvements to an existing space?  If so, this presentation explains the building permit process step-by-step, and provides valuable information which explains how to obtain a building permit as expeditiously as possible.  Business owners, building owners and their representatives, designers and contractors will all benefit from the information presented.

Watch the video "Navigating the Permit Process for Tenant Improvement Projects"

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This four-part video series covers the essential structural concepts and Building Code requirements for residential wood-framed construction, including:
  • - Structural loads
  • - Vertical framing elements (beams, posts, roof structures, and foundations)
  • - Lateral framing elements (floor/roof diaphragms, collectors, shearwalls, and holdowns)
  • - Connection details
  • - California Building Code and City amendments
View Structural Training: Residential Wood-Framed Construction