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The Newhall Community Center offers Karate classes for youth, ages 7 to adult.  Students learn the fundamentals of Kang Chuan Do Karate, taught by International Martial Arts Council Hall of Famer, Sensei Dave Moreno.  Karate is a contact sport, which at times, will have face contact.  Students are taught a series of punches, kicks, and martial arts moves for self-defense.  For this reason, youth may be paired with older children during sparring sessions to test both their progress and self-confidence.  Protective gear is not provided, but parents have the option to purchase it for their children.  

Beginning to advanced level classes are offered year round. In order to promote to the next level, each student must test for technique and strength. Each color belt requires that a student test and pass the prior belt’s color test in order to advance to the next level.   

Beginning level students may earn white, yellow, or orange belts.

*Intermediate level students may earn purple, blue, or green belts.

*Advanced level students may earn red, brown, and black belts.  

*Registration to higher level classes must be done with prior instructor approval.

All Kang Chuan Do Karate students are encouraged to make school their number one priority, and maintain good grades.  They are also encouraged to be good citizens by showing respect, and learning good sportsmanship.




Registration for programs at the Newhall Community Center can be done online or in person.  The City utilizes an online recreation management program, Rec1, for City registration. Please click on one of the Rec1 buttons below to either create an online account, or login and register.


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