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Community Court

Sentencing Criteria

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Each teen will be asked to abide by the following conditions of supervision, in addition to their individual sentencing criteria: 

  1. Obey all laws and orders set by Community Court and Teen Court.
  2. Report to the Community Court and Teen Court Coordinator, as directed.
  3. Notify the Community Court  and Teen Court Coordinator before changing address or school.
  4. Do not own or possess any dangerous weapons, nor remain in the presence of an unlawfully armed person.
  5. Do not use or possess any alcohol or drugs, and stay away from places where users or sellers congregate.
  6. Attend school and maintain satisfactory grades, attendance, and citizenship.


  • 30 to 120 days court supervision.
  • Attend Teen Choices class (2 hours).
  • Perform community service (8-40 hours).
  • Pay court and class fees. 
  • Write an essay, or write a letter of apology to the parents and victim (if ordered by the court).
  • Pay restitution (if recommended by Community Court Coordinator).
  • Depending on the case, Vital Intervention Directional Alternatives (VIDA), ACTION or some type of counseling will be ordered. 


  • 30 to 90 days court supervision. 
  • Attend Reckless Driving class (1.5 hours).
  • Attend Traffic School class (3 hours).
  • Attend the Youth Grove Memorial (1.5 Hours), and write an essay on the topic given by the judge.
  • Pay court and class fees.
  • Perform Community Service (8-40 hours).


  • 6 months court supervision.
  • Attend Teen Choices class (2 hours).
  • Serve as a Teen Court Juror.  
  • Write an essay.
  • Letter of Apology(s). 
  • Court fee.
  • Companion cases can not associate with one another.
  • Community Service (20-120 hours).  
  • Depending on the case, Vital Intervention Directional Alternatives (VIDA), ACTION, or some type of counseling can be ordered.


*Fines are subject to change if there are two or more violations on one citation