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Facts and Statistics

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Graffiti Costs

The United States of America spends over $12 billion dollars on graffiti removal per year. The City spends over $600,000 a year on graffiti removal.

Graffiti Reports

The City of Santa Clarita receives numerous reports of graffiti every day via the hotline and Resident Service Center requests. City staff remove graffiti within 24 hours of when a work order is received.

Quick Fact:
In 2015, graffiti removal staff removed over 8,900 incidents of graffiti.

Graffiti Arrests

  • Santa Clarita takes graffiti vandalism seriously. Over 1,000 graffiti vandals have been arrested in Santa Clarita since 2007 thanks to the efforts by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in partnership with the City of Santa Clarita and local residents who provide tips.  Once convicted, vandals are ordered to perform community service and pay restitution. 


Equipment & Methods Used to Remove Graffiti

The City of Santa Clarita uses trucks with pressure washers, paint supplies and other abatement equipment to remove graffiti within City limits.

 Pressure washers are used to blast graffiti off of unpainted hard surfaces. Painting is another method commonly used in abatement of graffiti. Staff also utilizes two airless paint sprayers, a generator, 3 colors of paint, and environmentally friendly chemicals to assist in the removal of graffiti. Graffiti Removal Chemical is used on smooth surfaces such as utility poles and electrical boxes.

e-Graffiti Database

A tracking database is used by all City divisions to track graffiti vandalism and removal efforts. Staff enters graffiti removal requests, tracks removal progress, and uploads photos into the database. The COBRA Unit from the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station is also able to access the graffiti database. This centralized data-base is an important tool for assessing graffiti restitution costs, tracking graffiti trends, arresting graffiti vandals, and tracking removal costs city-wide by each division. The database has been extremely instrumental in providing evidence to local law enforcement for arrests and convictions.

Quick Fact:
The Graffiti Tracking Database was awarded the 2007 Helen Putnam Award for Excellence by the League of California Cities.


The City conducts an Outreach Program to local elementary, junior and high school students to educate youth about the repercussions for graffiti vandalism, to inspire them to take pride in their city, and also to inform them about the City’s reward program. This comprehensive outreach program also includes an educational component for parents – informing them about the signs of a “tagger” and what to do if they suspect their child may be a “tagger.”

Community meetings are held in graffiti “hot spot” neighborhoods several times a year. Residents and business owners are informed about the hotline, rewards program and how to get involved in graffiti clean-up projects. Businesses are also encouraged to take pro-active steps to prevent graffiti such as by planting vines on walls or installing cameras or graffiti proof surfacing on windows. Request a presentation.


The City of Santa Clarita utilizes surveillance equipment to monitor taggers and graffiti incidents throughout the City of Santa Clarita. Many taggers have been arrested and convicted thanks to this technology.

How to Report Graffiti

  • Call 25-CLEAN (252-5326) or use our RSC online request form.
  • Download the "Santa Clarita" app in the iTunes or Google Play store and report graffiti on your smart phone or tablet.

*Graffiti incidents outside of the City’s jurisdiction are forwarded to appropriate agencies which may impact removal times.