Private Property Owners

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The City of Santa Clarita has a zero tolerance for graffiti vandalism on public and private property.

If graffiti occurs on private property, City staff will issue a Graffiti Removal Abatement Notice to the property owner. An abatement notice states that a property owner has seven (7) calendar days to remove the graffiti from the property. If a property chooses to remove the graffiti with paint, it must match as close to the original color of the surface.

Abatement Notice

Graffiti contributes to reduced retail sales, a decline in property values, and resident fear. A business littered with graffiti is less likely to be patronized. Residents feel less safe and secure entering a storefront where graffiti is present. The following are steps to take to aid in the prevention of graffiti:

  • Keep the exterior of your business neat and clean.
  • Remove graffiti within 24 hours.
  • Incorporate shrubs, thorny plants, and vines to restrict vandal access.
  • Add or improve lighting around the building to promote natural surveillance.
  • Use fences, controlled entrance and exits, and other barriers that discourage through traffic.
  • Limit access to roofs by moving dumpsters away from walls and covering drainpipes to prevent vandals from climbing them.
  • Organize a “Business Watch” with nearby merchants to keep tabs on a business area.
  • Businesses may want to employ security personnel to monitor property.
  • Employ graffiti-resistant materials or coating on a chronically hit walls for easy clean-up.
  • Consider installing surveillance cameras and warning signs