Emergency Management

Emergency Management

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The City of Santa Clarita’s mission in an emergency situation is to save lives.

By protecting property and the environment in situations associated with natural disasters, manmade disasters, and national security emergencies, the City follows these emergency management objectives:

  • Manage and coordinate overall emergency response and recovery operations. 
  • Coordinate with appropriate federal, state and other local government agencies, as well as applicable segments of private sector entities and volunteer agencies. 
  • Establish priorities and resolve any conflicting demands for support. 
  • Prepare and disseminate emergency public information to inform, alert and warn the public.  
  • Disseminate damage information and other essential data. 
  • Plan for the continuation of government.

Be Ready. Be Resilient Santa Clarita

25 Year Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquakenorthridge94

Above photo of Interstate 5 & SR 14 split

In Southern California alone there are over 300 other faults that may cause damaging earthquakes. Most everyone in Southern California lives within 30 miles of one of these faults.  January 17, 2019, marks the 25 Year Anniversary of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. The shaking lasted up to 10 seconds and was felt as far away as San Diego and Las Vegas, — more than 9,000 were injured. Counting heart attacks, the death toll was around 72 people with over 42 billion in losses.

No one knows when the next earthquake will occur, but we all can reduce our risk of death, injury, and property loss in an earthquake by following the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety, wherever we live, work, or play.