American Red Cross Safety Programs

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Lifeguard Training - New 2017 Material
Learn the skills you need to prevent and respond to emergencies in and around the water. This American Red Cross class teaches professionalism, first aid, rescue skills and CPR. The class meets state-mandated guidelines for lifeguards and is required for employment by many agencies. Successful participation in all three class sessions is required in order to complete the course.

Prerequisite: 15 years old by the last day of class; 300-yard continuous swim with freestyle and breaststroke; 20-yard swim, retrieve a 10-lb. object and return to start; and a 2-minute water tread. 

Location: Santa Clarita Aquatic Center
For schedules, fees and more information, visit the Seasons page.

Water Safety Instructor - New 2014 Material
Successful completion of this course, featuring 2009 new program material, will certify you to teach all levels of American Red Cross progressive swimming courses. Included in this course is American Red Cross Fundamentals of Instructor Training (FIT). You must attend and successfully complete all class sessions to obtain certification.

Prerequisite: 16 years of age by the last day of class; 200-yard swim (showing all swimming stroke ability), a 1-minute float, and a 1-minute water tread.

For schedules, fees and more information, visit the Seasons page.