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Recreation Inclusion Services

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The City of Santa Clarita Recreation and Community Services Department is committed to serving the needs of everyone in the community by providing an atmosphere in which persons with or without special needs can interact, play, and socialize with their peers in an inclusive and supportive environment. 


Recreation Inclusion Services is...

  • The right to request support and accommodations in programs to a degree that does not fundamentally alter the intent and nature of the program design as defined by Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Examining each individual person and determining how best that person can be fully included
  • Determining what supports and skills are necessary for participation in Recreation activities and programs, and how that support is generalized to other environments
  • Assessing what skills a person may need and what support the staff and participant may require for participation in recreation programs and activities

Recreation Inclusion Services is not intended to...

  • Provide a separate or alternative activity for a person with a disability for a significant portion of the scheduled program
  • Attempt physical restraint or intervention beyond gentle, guided redirection
  • Guarantee a specific staff member or aide to work with a person needing additional support
  • Provide individualized therapy within a program
  • Supply and/or purchase of personal custom devices or equipment
  • Assist with  feeding, toileting or dressing

For additional information and/or questions, please contact Recreation Inclusion Services at
(661) 250-3722 or email us at