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photoHow is the amount of SCORE scholarship funds determined?
The City of Santa Clarita’s Recreation & Community Services Department uses a sliding-fee scale guideline based on total household income and number of dependents. The scale assists staff in determining the amount of scholarship awarded.

Once my family application is approved and I am awarded SCORE scholarship funds, where do I register for a class/program for my children?
All scholarship fund recipients must register for their class/program during the open registration dates either online, or walk in at the Registration Counter located at the Centre during the walk-in registration dates.

photoHow do I use these scholarship funds to pay for a class that is more expensive or less expensive than the class/program I’d like to register for?
Your family account in Rec1 will have a SCORE credit and you can use as much, or as little of the funds as you like, within a year of receipt. You can use the funds throughout the season, or spend the entire amount in one transaction. Note that if the class/program of your choice is more than your allotted SCORE scholarship, you will have to pay all remaining balances before you are registered.

I’d like to split my SCORE scholarship in half, one half for my daughter, and the other half for my son, can I do this?
Yes, these funds have been awarded to your dependents that are ages 2-12 years old. You may use them however you see fit. At registration time, during checkout, you may choose the amount of SCORE funds  available to be used toward the purchase of a class/program.

photoIf my family receives a SCORE scholarship, can we roll it over to next year if we don’t use the entire amount?
No. Families will have one season from the date of receipt to use up all scholarship funds. The scholarship is non-transferable to the following year or another individual outside the family for which the scholarship was awarded to. 

Do I need to reapply for a SCORE scholarship each season?
Yes. Need for financial assistance is assessed on a seasonal basis and applicants will need to re-apply.

I have received a SCORE scholarship, what if the class I want to sign up for is full?
All SCORE scholarship recipients will now register and follow all guidelines along with everyone else during the open registration period. Please have these dates handy so that you are prepared to sign up as soon as registration opens in order to secure a spot in the class/program of your choice. If the class/program you wish to register for is full, you will have the option to be waitlisted and contacted should a spot open up prior to the start of the class/program, or you also have the option to register for a different class/program. If the class remains full, please contact the SCORE Office to have your scholarship funds rolled over. 

Note: SCORE recipients are not automatically guaranteed a place in a class/program.

photoHow often can my family apply for a SCORE scholarship?

Your family may re-apply each season during the application submission period if you are eligible.

Do I have to have a Rec1 account to apply and receive a SCORE scholarship?
Yes. All applicants must create a Rec1 account when applying for a SCORE scholarship. We ask that all applicants have this family account created beforehand because if selected, SCORE staff must have access to the account in order to deposit the SCORE scholarship funds.

photoAre my chances of receiving a SCORE scholarship greater if I submit at the earliest date?
No. All applicants that are eligible for a SCORE scholarship have the same chance of receiving funds, regardless of when the application was turned in during the allotted application submission dates. All eligible names will be entered into a lottery-type system and names will be drawn at random.

I have more questions that haven’t been answered here. Who can I contact?
Cynthia Victor, Recreation Supervisor
(661) 250-3713, or 


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