About Youth Sports

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About Youth Sports


Meet Our Staff

Richard Carr - Recreation Supervisor 
Mark Jordan - Recreation Coordinator 
Justin Santos - Program Specialist

Cindy Cameron - Project Technician
Stephanie Miller- Clerk 

Lynne Convis - Clerical Support Staff

Casey Boersma - Recreation Leader III 
Kevin Finkelberg - Recreation Leader III 
Marc Kraidman - Recreation Leader III
Jessica Juico- Recreation Leader III
Dylan Boersma - Recreation Leader III
Isaac Covarrubias - Recreation Leader III
P.J. Galvin - Recreation Leader III 
Jonathan Cosh - Recreation Leader III

Pinar Sayim - Recreation Leader II 
Jon Lirio - Recreation Leader II 
Mark Hernandez - Recreation Leader II 
Emilie Pfaender - Recreation Leader II
Noah Jimenez - Recreation Leader II
Brittney Sayre - Recreation Leader II
Greg Fluhr - Recreation Leader II

Devin Mackey - Recreation Leader I
Kamran Einbund - Recreation Leader I
Ryan Figueras - Recreation Leader I
Adam Ortega- Recreation Leader I
Allison Phillips- Recreation Leader I
Rylee Bishop- Recreation Leader I
Jack Titter- Recreation Leader I
Roberto Covarrubias- Recreation Leader I

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Youth Sports Mission Statement

The purpose of the City of Santa Clarita’s Youth Sports Program is to provide quality recreational sport experiences for the community’s youth through a positive atmosphere that values sportsmanship, development, and fun.


Youth Sports Philosophy

The primary objective of the Youth Sports program is for children to have fun through recreational sports! Each child should have the same opportunity to participate in a recreational sports activity regardless of talent or ability.  This values the individual and collective experiences of participants by providing a positive atmosphere that emphasizes sportsmanship and player development.  Success is not reflected in the score or standings, but is achieved through effectively teaching the skills and strategies of the game as well as building the character and self-esteem of children participating in the program.