The Youth Employment Services (YES) program provides valuable work experience to Santa Clarita teens. Through the years, a number of participants have been hired by their employer at the conclusion of the program.

Group Summer 2018 YES Picture

Youth Employment Services (YES) Program (group photo)

Summer Session 2018

Recent hires from the summer program are:

1. Ariadna Estrada - Old Navy
2. Jose Estrada - Canyon Country Community Center
3. Julian Galvan - Mountasia Family Fun Center
4. Reymond Lara - Mountasia Family Fun Center 
5. Elizabeth Quiles - Old Navy 
6. Maire Morales - Plum Canyon Preschool
7. Deyamir Ruiz - Mountasia Family Fun Center
8. Emily Smith - Canyon Country Community Center
9. Mario Soto - Mountasia Family Fun Center
10. Ysabel Torres - Mountasia Family Fun Center
11. Jonathan Valencia - Tee Plus